July 24, 2017 Ep 10. One Nation Under Gottfried (Jamboree)

Episode 10 of Codename: Nerdcast! We made it to 10 episodes! In this episode we discuss the unfortunate passing of Chester Bennington. Chester was best known for being the frontman for Linkin Park, and also the new frontman of Stone Temple Pilots. Our thoughts are with his friends and family. In more upbeat news, we discuss the one and only Comic Con. The amount of stuff from Comic Con this year was insane, and we probably have more to talk about in our next episode. We discuss the Ready Player One Trailer, and try our best to remember the character cameos, which are plentiful. Chris takes the podcast off track with a hilarious segway to Gilbert Gottfried...that we return to...a lot. We even discuss Funko Pops...

Thanks for listening!