June 21, 2017 Ep 6. The E3 Part 2 Redo (Jamboree)

Episode 6 of Codename: Nerdcast! Ok. We gotta level with you. This is the second time we've done this episode. The computer died as the podcast was saving. I mean, we literally just finished it up! So, we had to redo this again, but this turned out much better. Always plug in your computer when recording. Join us this week as the big topic of discussion is our part 2 of E3.We finally get to put this beast of a conversation to bed. We discuss the who we thought had the best showing at E3 and why. Join us in this episode about an underwelming E3 in general. Thank goodness it saved! If we lost it again...we just move on. Tommy keeps trying to get us back on track as we watch Scott try and throw pretzels in Shareef's mouth while he sleeps. Good man, Tommy.

Thanks for listening!